We will provide you with easy, affordable access to over 50 hardware manufacturers that you have come to trust over the years.
Our domestic and international shipping options allow you to serve your clients with the timely, professional service they expect from you.
No matter how small or large your company is, we can meet your hardware needs!

We have over 200 years of professional experience in the hardware industry. We understand the process you go through to meet the needs of your clients. Located in Carmel, Indiana, we offer access to one of the largest inventories of hardware in the world. We are quality driven!

Q: Can I order for domestic or international shipping?
A: Yes. All parts ordered can be shipped to your business whether it’s in the United States or across international borders.

Q: How can my company receive special pricing?
A: Select the manufacturer you want to use and the product number you need, along with the quantity you need and put it in your shopping cart. As soon as we receive it, we will review it and then email you your special pricing quote.

“Quality is doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

We give you all the tools you need to be precise and success driven for the benefit of your clients. Our team of professionals will help you get your client where they need to be: totally satisfied with the products you have chosen for them. Whether your company is in Miami, Florida or Doha, Qatar, your clients will appreciate your vast resources to find that perfect product fit for them.